Structured Data Testing Tool Bookmarklet

Speed up your structured data development process with this bookmarklet. It will save you a lot of time. It did for me.

The Structured Data Testing Tool by Google is instrumental when you're developing structured data. It's too bad there isn't an API for it.

Anyway, everything you do multiple times in the same way, should be automated. I used the structured data testing tool a lot, but every time, I needed to:

  1. go to the website
  2. fill in a URL
  3. or click 'paste code', and then copypaste some code (unfortunately, you still need to do this when you're developing locally, hence the reason why i would like an api ;))
  4. hit submit

This bookmarklet will let you skip these four steps, and combine them into one: just click the bookmarklet, and the tool will open, and use the URL you're currently visiting as input.

So how does it work?

Just drag the link below to your bookmarks folder:

What if I want to create my own bookmarklet?

Let's say you like this and want to create one of your own, which works for another website.

That's easy. A bookmarklet basically is a piece of javascript you can embed in a bookmark: a 'dynamic bookmark' if you will. If you click the bookmark, the code is executed. So the code I use for this bookmark is the following:


I'm assuming here you're savvy enough to change the URL to something else, if you'd like ;)

What's next?

If you think this was useful to you, it might be for others also. Feel free to share: