Is there an easy to use online and free tool to compare texts? Sure there is. Use this one.

The goal of this text comparing tool is to be as easy to use as possible. I found most tools to have too many options, being too technical, or just plain ugly. I tried to come up with something better (looking), but most of all: easier.

Just copy & paste two texts, hit the button, and see the differences, either in a neatly organized table, or in a text that shows the differences visually.

The table

The table below lists the found differences. Every single difference is numbered. Click the orange button to jump to that specific difference in the text below.

# Original Changed to

The text

This text tries its best to show you both the original and the changed text, combined into one. Every change is highlighted. Click a change to jump back to the table.

This is the original comparison text. Words that will change, have been changed, are grey.bolded and larger.