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For the two people that read this: the blog contains (usually) short articles that can be regarded as my 'public bookmarks'. Topically unrelated to each other, but useful stuff that I need in my daily work as an SEO.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

An easy to use Aspect Ratio Calculator. Useful when resizing images and videos.

  3 min.

MySQL extract domain name

Using this search & replace, you can easily extract a domain name from a string in MySQL

  1 min.

MySQL word count function

A simple 'User defined' MySQL function that you can use to count the number of words in a text string.

  2 min.

MySQL split string

How to split a string in MySQL? Use this function.

  2 min.

Pagination sucks

Pagination sucks for SEO. Chronological archives work way better. In this article I'll tell you why and how.

  8 min.


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