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The articles and tools on this blog are my 'public bookmarks'. I refer to them while doing an audit for clients, or I use specific code snippets while doing SEO-analysis. Everything I repeat in either the audits or my analysis, I save here, so maybe it could be useful for others as well.

Text compare

Is there an easy to use online and free tool to compare texts? Sure there is. Use this one.

Bulk disavow domains

A step-by-step workflow that you can use for your own linkprofile hygiene. Particularly useful if your site has a HUGE number of spammy backlinks and you want to get rid of them in a quick & easy manner.

Translate URL

A simple tool that helps you with translating and decoding unreadable URLs. Just copypaste the URL, and it will return its components in a human-friendly table.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

An easy to use Aspect Ratio Calculator. Useful when resizing images and videos.

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