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I am creative, technical, understand data, and worked as an online marketeer since 2004.

Before that, I was a web developer. Before that, a content manager. Before that, a blogger.

I combine these skills to achieve growth. Plain and simple.

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My growth hacking services

Some examples of services I offer. If you need something more specific, don't hesitate to contact me.

Being creative

Combine tech smarts with psychology, and you get growth-ideas that are implemented in technology.


SEO is a classic growth hacking tactic, and one I'm especially adept at. I've doing international SEO since 2004.


Let your users, or even competitors, do your marketing for you. Build growth into your product or website itself.


Questions I often get, and their answers.

So what actually is 'growth hacking'?

Wikipedia defines it as follows: 'Growth hackers build the product's potential growth into the product itself.' Let's break it down:

  • Build: we build it ourselves. This could be a website, a plugin, an app. Or at least know how to write the technical requirements for IT to do it.
  • Potential growth: there should be potential in the product / service / website. If nobody cares about it, it won't work.
  • Into the product itself: 'the product' could also be: 'the website', 'the app', etc. We use automation to scale. Or virality. Or both.

My honest view is that we used to call this 'creative technical marketing', but nowadays it's called 'growth hacking'. Same skillset, other name.

What is the difference between 'Growth hacking' and 'online marketing'?

If you ask me, there is none. Both don't really mean anything in the first place. However, usually, 'growth hacking' crosses over between marketing en IT, and usually, online marketeers are not that technical. I consider myself a technical online marketeer, and thus I have no reason not to call myself a 'growth hacker' ;)

What others say

Of course my goal here is to show you known company logos that vouch for me. It will make you think: 'Wow! This guy must be good if they vouch for him!' Obviously, such is the case.

Website visitors that fill in our contact form and ask for more information is what we regard as a conversion. The amount of conversions has risen from less than 1 to a few dozen conversions monthly.

Antoine Kool

Ramon was able, because of this expertise, friendliness, and passion, to move people in our organisation. Thanks to him, we've experienced string growth in traffic and visibility.

Niels Visje

His approach is pragmatic. He makes a sharp distinction between goals and the price of investments. His pro-active approach and deep knowledge also play a huge role in my enthusiasm about his work.

Jesse Burkunk

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