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I've been doing search-, content-, and inbound marketing for big websites since 2004. Increasingly, that included other areas of technical, creative & inbound marketing like conversion optimisation, data-analysis, and growth hacking.

If you have a challenge in either one of these areas:

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Online marketing solutions

Being technical and creative, I do not buy traffic, but build things that attract traffic in a natural way. And they keep on doing so.


Which parts of marketing can we automate? I know everything about Excel, data, API's, web-development, growth hacks. Tip: use it to your advantage.


Search Engine Optimisation is a black-box to many. A risk, of which you only see the results afterwards. Not to me.


Content marketing and inbound marketing are my specialties. I don't buy traffic, but create content that attracts traffic that actually converts.

What others say

Of course my goal here is to show you known company logos that vouch for me. It will make you think: 'Wow! This guy must be good if they vouch for him!' Obviously, such is the case.

Ramon helped us with several online marketing challenges. The cooperation between us was pleasant and continues to today.

Kevin Elfring

He is a very creative person who also thinks from a business perspective. He gave us some great marketing ideas.

Jorij Abraham

I appreciated Ramon for his result driven approach and extensive SEO expertise. On top of that he was flexible and proactive in our very tight timescale.

Patrice Fleurquin

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For quick decision makers I provided the means below to contact me directly. Go for it!