Using advanced data analysis techniques to base SEO-recommendations upon.

Increasingly, SEO has become a method that needs a certain amount of patience and a willingness to take some risk. It takes work, it takes some trust, and it takes time. But if these conditions are met, it will deliver high ROI.

And what it also needs, is a method.

SEO is NOT a case of believing a 'guru' (purple pants types who shout really hard on social media), but of analyzing trends, keywords, texts, technologies diligently. And testing them, and keep on testing them. The method therefore, is scientific in nature, and fast-moving in practice:

  • Form a hypothesis
  • Test and analyze it
  • Implement
  • Test again.

Experience is needed to form a solid hypothesis. No tool in the world can tell you which hypothesis to test. An experienced SEO like me can ...

So the most important tool for any SEO therefore is not some expensive SaaS solution that promises gold mountains, but a thorough understanding of statistics, databases, web technology, information retrieval, search patterns, usability, Excel, SQL, and where to apply it to.

This is the field of search analytics. It's not fancy or shiny, but it's the core of SEO!