Need someone who really knows SEO-technology?

IT has its own language. So does marketing. And so does the content team. I can say I understand all three of them. As in: not as a manager, but as a fellow specialist.

Before I was an SEO-guy, I was a web developer. And before that, I was a copywriter. Technologies and project management tools change, but the way of thinking does not. It helps that I've been a specialist on those areas as well.

Typical challenges

So when should you consider hiring someone with a more than average technical understanding of SEO? Here are some examples:

  • when you have a website of which the pages are automatically generated, like an e-commerce site
  • when you're having problems with indexation
  • when a big site migration is due (see here for more info on that)
  • when your own employees need to be schooled into the finer arts of SEO
  • when your website is multi-language, multi-country

Am I a nerd?

If you ask me, this is a relevant question. I'm convinced that if technical challenges are up ahead, the SEO-person must be a nerd. As in: someone who understands how technology works, and who speaks the language. I know by experience that programmers usually know a thing or two about SEO also, and tend to respect someone better if that person actually understands what technical implications of a suggested SEO-tactic might be.

So yes, I am, and that's a good thing!