Using this search & replace, you can easily extract a domain name from a string in MySQL

This trick works roughly in the same way as it does in Microsoft Excel: search for a character (one ore more '/') inside a string (`url`), remove them from the string, and calculate the difference between the string as it was before the subtraction.

If you use it in a MySQL SELECT-statement, you can do that as follows:

	RIGHT(`url`, length(`url`) - (position('//' IN `url`) +1) ),
	position('/' IN RIGHT(`url`, length(`url`) - (position('//' IN `url`)+1) ) ) -1
AS domain
FROM `test`

Where the replacement is called 'domain'.

Test it yourself

Use the following SQL to populate a test table with some random URLs, and use the select I provided above. See what happens:

CREATE TABLE `test` ( `url` text ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

INSERT INTO `test` (`url`) VALUES

Need help?

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