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I used to be an SEO-consultant, but nowadays I focus on SEO automation. Whatever you do twice the same way, should be automated.

So what can be automated in SEO?

  • Keyword research
  • Finding duplicate content issues
  • Search intent monitoring and reporting
  • Prioritizing keywords that are expensive in Adwords / Google Ads
  • ... and actually a whole lot more

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And responses that are meant to be an answer.

Can we hire you for SEO-consultancy?

Yes and no. Yes: I’ve been aan SEO-consultant for 15 years, and if I see something, I can’t keep it to myself. I will help you.

But no: I focus on automation, so that’s what you can hire me for ;)

What others say

Of course my goal here is to show you known company logos that vouch for me. It will make you think: 'Wow! This guy must be good if they vouch for him!' Obviously, such is the case.

We wanted to be sure that we wouldn't experience any traffic-loss after the migration. With the right know-how & expertise of Ramon, this mission has been fully accomplished; even more than that.

Dennis de Graaf

During the Sunparks rebranding and internationalisation (SUNRISE) we had an important SEO result to be achieved. Ramon was our external consultant who helped us in the migration from the old to the new SUNPARKS e-platform without commercial loss. I appreciated Ramon for his result driven approach and extensive SEO expertise. On top of that he was flexible and proactive in our very tight timescale.

Patrice Fleurquin

Ramon developed the SEO strategy for several of the websites for which I was responsible as publisher. His know-how in the field of SEO is without a doubt excellent. In addition he is a very creative person who not only thinks from a SEO perspective but also from a business perspective. He gave us some great marketing ideas. In the end of course only the results count and these were above expectations.

Jorij Abraham


No fancy news; just useful stuff

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