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Growth hacker avant la lettre.

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Tips & tricks from the trenches

Regex: filter links from HTML  (Update

With this neat little regex.

Extract first sentence  (Update

Either with PHP or a regex. For example, use it to prefill a meta-description field.

Remove double trailing slashes  (Update

Aspect ratio calculator  (Update

An easy to use free tool to help you with resizing images and videos, while maintaining the way they look: their aspect ratio. Simple and effective.

MySQL fetch Nth segment of URL  (Update

How to segment the path of a URL into its parts. A simple MySQL function to aid you when doing website analysis.

About me

I am obsessed with internet-technology, and how to use it to communicate efficiently. Starting with my freelance web-development activities, following up with SEO-consultancy, and later culminating in growth hacking and technical online marketing, I can say that if it has to do with tech, marketing, search, and creativity, I can probably help you.

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