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Helpful Topics

The fully automated SEO-analysis assistant. Updated daily, with immense power and NLP-savvyness. All tied up in a neat package and comprehensible checklist: the master table.


What: Automated SEO-analysis for landing pages
Why: Focus only on opportunity.
How: With a 'master-table' (see below)
Pricing: Setup: € 4979, Subscription: p/m € 797

"Which landing pages should we create?" #

If this question is top of mind right now, then I can help you.

Because I have the answer to this, and some related questions:

  • -

    In which sequence?

  • -

    What are their subjects?

  • -

    What should we name them?

  • -

    Which Point Of View to take?

For whom? #

These questions are particularly relevant for organisations that both asking themselves this, and also have quite a task ahead: should we create 100 landing pages? or 100.000? Big difference!

Why #

Helpful Topics works on the second and third levels of SEO: completeness and quality of content. These are no handmade online PR-pages that are intended to build up brand authority. Instead, they are commercial landing pages that are close to the conversion moment: the reasons why folks convert.

Some examples:

  • -

    You sell a service that solves a problem in all locations of a country: people search for "problem + location"

  • -

    Or people combine it with an area of expertise: "solution + expertise"

  • -

    Or combine the expert that solves the problem, in combination with, for example, a car brand name: "expert + car brand"

The thing is, what you should NOT do, is to make all possible combinations of all possible landing pages.

There are lots of reasons, but let's summarise that you need to choose, because doing everything it once, is doing nothing right. Anno 2024 in SEO, you won't win, especially not against already established competition. Those days are gone.

"Moderation in all things" #

Instead of "everything", you choose to focus. That's why Helpful Topics makes a statistical prognosis of what you should, and way more often than not, should NOT build.

And then build it the right way.

Luckily, Helpful Topics houses another smart feature.

One template per POV #

People search from different angles.

They search for a problem, the cause of it, the consequence of it, the solution, the person who probably knows the solution, and then segmented by place, branch, group, color, product, brand, etc.

Als valid starting POVs. And all with a lot of potential.

The point being: if people search from this and land on your website, you'be better connect with their POV. Show them you understand them.

And after that, help them move further in their journey.

One step at a time. This is what 'Helpful Content' really is. And essential to Google's Navboost.

From this strategy onwards we build Helpful Topics:

  • -

    An analysis of possible angles

  • -

    The translation of them to a standardized page-template that specifically addresses that type of angle

  • -

    And the concrete follow-up of that to meta-texts, a subject, and some keywords (only for inspiration; not for keyword-stuffing!) to use in the content

How to use #

What you receive, is the 'master-table': a checklist with a clear assignment:

  • -

    Which pages to make

  • -

    In what sequence

  • -

    Aimed at which subject

  • -

    With which meta-texts

  • -

    And which keywords (only for inspiration; not for stuffing)

  • -

    From what angle

The only thing you need to do, is follow that checklist and build the best landing pages the interwebs has ever seen. That is hard enough!

The checklist auto-updates #

Step by step, your traffic and opportunities grow. The checklist grows with it.

Benefits #

Of course this whole story is not (only) about 'more traffic'. It is about attracting new visitors who search for what you have to offer.

The kind of traffic we call 'MOFU': people are not yet ready to buy, but almost there. They are still contemplating several brands, comparing them, and still not quite sure how to tackle their problem, or what kind of expert they need for it.

Simply put: 1 or 2 steps before the sale.

Pricing #

Product & setup #

To get to know your website and market, to collect the needed data, and to tune the product specifically for your wishes, we charge a one-time setup fee.

Helpful Topics - Setup

€ 4979

Subscription fee #

For continuous usage of the product we use a subscription-based monthly or yearly fee.

Tip: if you use the yearly subscription, you receive two months for free!


€ 7970

-€ 1594


€ 797

Support #

We always offer fair use support for any product.

But if needed, you can also call upon extra support. Pricing is simple: three wages, depending on the amount of hours required (during 12 months).

Of course, only the hours that are actually 'used' will be invoiced.

Tier S: 12-60

€ 137

Tier M: 60-120

€ 117


Tier L: 120+

€ 107

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