I use these cookies:

  1. One cookie of the CMS, that keeps track wether you're logged in or not
  2. A security cookie of the CMS that helps keep my forms safe
  3. Three related security cookies that keep track of the feedback voting system
  4. a cookie that remembers the country you came from, and redirects you to the locale of that country if necessary (e.g. if from Netherlands -> redirected to '/nl/')

The first two cookies are removed after you leave the website. The others stay around longer.


I use a self-hosted first-party analytics program, so your data is not sent to Google, or to anyone for that matter. Also, it truncates your ip-address, so it simply doesn't store it, and it respects your 'do not track' browser settings (test it here). I also included a normal javascript tracker on my pages, so it is easy for you to block tracking altogether by using something like uBlock Origin (which I recommend anyways!).

Cookies by others

Sometimes I embed YouTube video's. Google sends a whole lot of crap towards you. I cannot help that, besides advising you to use an ad blocker like uBlock origin, which I already did ;)