Below is a list of my services. Can't find a solution for a specific problem? Contact me, and we'll work something out.

All services have the following in common:

  • Point of departure is a certain philosophy. 'Being findable' is not (just) about being on top in Google, but also, in fact, mostly, about aligning information supply with information demand. The foundation of SEO therefore is not technology, but search behaviour of people, and the analysis of it.
  • I am specialised in 'big site SEO'. The bigger the website / challenge, the better.
  • I work on location (as interim), from a distance (for example through my helpdesk service), or as a partner for your agency. It's all possible.
  • I always work with an hourly wage. I'm not cheap, and not expensive either. Ik work for serious clients (that would be you!) and ask the wage a good specialist would ask.