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I'm a European / Dutch SEO-specialist with a lot of experience in international SEO. Technical challenges are my forte, as are thinking of & writing down a solid and advanced SEO strategy with clear tactics that actually work.

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My SEO services

Examples of what I offer. Need something more specific? Contact me, as I'm sure I can at least provide an honest and (hopefully) smart answer ;)

Technical SEO

When hand-writing is not an option, or when smart priorities need to be set based on thorough data-analysis: that's when you need technical SEO. The kind that needs to know how websites work. And how search engines work.


Over the years, I've trained a bunch of people into the secrets of SEO. Not the stuff you read in blogs, but the proper way that actually works. I can teach your marketeers, if they're up for it ;)

Network optimisation

Got multiple websites? Hundreds? Thousands? More? No problem. I was the single SEO-specialist for the biggest network in the Netherlands (20.000+ domains, 1 billion visitors monthly) and achieved a YoY growth of 15%.


Questions I'm frequently asked, and their answers.

Do you do International SEO?

Yes I do. Things like making sure that Google can make a correct distinction between languages and countries (and all their cross-matches), and the way your websites are structured in relation to each other.

Which way do you prefer to work?

Doesn't really matter to me. I can work from home. Or on-premise. One hour a month, or two days a week. It depends on what you need, and what I am able to deliver.

Of course I do live somewhere (to be precise: near Nijmegen in the Netherlands), so travel time is an issue when your business is in another country.

In that case however, we will probably do just fine with email and Skype.

What is your wage?

I always work with an hourly wage that is conform the Dutch market.

We can arrange a maximum amount of hours I am allowed to 'use up' in a month, depending on the projects' requirements and your budget.

Which markets do you have experience in?

Since 2004, I've worked in a LOT of markets. However, these are the markets I consider myself to be highly specialised in:

  • classifieds
  • e-commerce
  • travel
  • finance
  • comparison
  • publishing / news
  • service / customer support
  • auctions

What others say

Of course my goal here is to show you known company logos that vouch for me. It will make you think: 'Wow! This guy must be good if they vouch for him!' Obviously, such is the case.

We wanted to be sure that we wouldn't experience any traffic-loss after the migration. With the right know-how & expertise of Ramon, this mission has been fully accomplished; even more than that.

Dennis de Graaf

Ramon helped us with clarifying several exotic SEO-cases. Every case is dissected with precision and in to-the-point language. He is a specialist with humor, a broad view, and who always has an answer ready.

Raga Elshout

Ramon helped with a number of SEO-questions for some large websites. He also helped us with more generic online marketing challenges. The cooperation between us was pleasant and continues to today.

Kevin Elfring

Convert directly?

For quick decision makers I provided the means below to contact me directly. Go for it!