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SEO project

Project looks for an SEO. One with the experience and creativity in its DNA to make the difference.


What: Innovative SEO-projects
Why: When standard SEO doesn't cut it
How: Combination of experience, creativity, and automation

SEO-project seeks innovative SEO-specialist #

The way I do SEO, might be different to what you're used to. Head-strong, focused, creative, and definitely not based on 'best practices' that have stopped working ages ago.

If you keep doing what you always did, you'll get what you always got. Instead, we:

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    We start with an APK: a substantive baseline measurement of high quality. The fundament for next steps. With a focus on exactly those areas that move the needle.

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    Look for ways to automate the work. Why? For scaling. For freeing up precious time. And simply to get results.

Why you need me

I can talk of course, but it's better to let others do the talking:

Wages #

There are multiple ways to address, and I'm not restricting myself here to my regular hourly tariffs. Perhaps a performance-based deal is possible too.

Let's talk.

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Sounds interesting?

Then let's close the virtual gap between us by one step.