Is it about SEO? Then I can help you.

Hi, I'm Ramon Eijkemans. A Dutch Freelance SEO-specialist. Available since 2005. Focused on big websites, iterative processes, strategy, innovation, and automation.

Ramon Eijkemans

The way I like to work

First things first

We will evaluate what's already running and what's in the pipelines. And we'll start there immediately. We base this on experience and a quick assessment of the situation.

At the same time we'll start working on the route to follow.


We will make SEO into an ongoing process, a route to the top. With intermediate evaluations, targets, and a roadmap.

We won't use a huge 100+ pages report, but goals, the first next step to get to that goal, and the route we will take for the other steps.

Clear strategy

We align the SEO-goals with the Maslow-Eikhart SEO pyramid. It's goal-oriented and actually quite easy to explain to others.

In short: the Maslow pyramid is a hierarchy of needs. SEO has a hierarchy of needs as well: reachable, complete, quality (better than others), popular, and (up- or downwards) trend lines.

These are goals. And these goals are aligned with (typical SEO) means, and organisation goals. And with periodic APK's (more on that here).


We will automate where possible. Why? Because it makes our execution simply bigger in scope. And because repetitive work must be automated. And because a process that runs automatically, frees up resources.

Where applicable, we could use products from Autometa Studio or other vendors.

Control of SEO

Radar Chart Maslow-Eikhart pyramid

How are we doing? That is the question that the APK's answer. They provide a very clear grade: we've reached this goal; we haven't reached that goal (yet). We are this here. And our competitor is there.

SEO = answering questions

As effective and efficient as possible. Questions people search the answer for. In Google, on your own website, in social media, in the chatbot. TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU.

First: help people. And again. And again. Then ask.

When I'm available.

It's probably on your mind: when is he available? Below you'll find an up-to-date estimate.

Updated: March 25, 2024

Ad interim

Part-time ~ On location and/or remote

Not available now, sorry :(

Ad litem

Project-based ~ Second opinion, consult, APK

Not available now, sorry :(

Ad hoc

Limited hours ~ To spar, or for a podcast, interview, congress

Content hub overview #

Articles we wrote. Either here or elsewhere.