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Big-site SEO

100.000 keywords or pages and beyond. From that point onward, we talk about Big-site SEO. It is its own speciality, that requires specific skills: nuance, other tech, priorities, and last but not least: experience.


What: Big-site SEO
Why: When experience and specialised SEO-knowledge are required
How: Hourly

SEO for the big ones #

Big websites experience other dynamics than small ones. It requires other skills. And experience.

Is your website or challenge complex, large, nuanced, advanced enough to be called 'big'? Then let's talk: I have done this before.

Walking the walk

I could show off some numbers, but rather let others do the talking. Because they've actually used my services.

With 250M visitors monthly, the SEO-team of DPG Media faces the biggest SEO-challenge in the Benelux.

I confer with Ramon on a regular basis about increasing reach, technical monitoring, market trends, and formulating strategic goals.

His long experience with publisher SEO and intimate knowledge and insights into market developments make sure that every time we talk, we leave the table with new insights and focus on the right projects.

Simme Volkers
Head of SEO - DPG Media Nederland

Ramon advised Zilveren Kruis (largest healthcare insurance company in the Netherlands, red.) for a quite a large number of years.

He is pragmatic, and knows his craft. His advice is solid and often very directly executable.

Koen Gijsman
Digital Analyst - Zilveren Kruis

Ramon has a lot of experience with SEO for large publisher and e-commerce websites. That's why he was the right person for us at Vakantieveilingen.nl.

He succeeded in letting the rest of the organisation know about SEO, and actually getting them along for the ride. He played an important role, as a central cog between development and marketing.

His know-how, approachability, helpfulness and passion made sure people moved in the right direction. All of this led to what was the end goal: a strong growth in SEO traffic and visibility.

Niels Visje
Online Marketing Teamlead - Emesa

Pricing #

Support #

We always offer fair use support for any product.

But if needed, you can also call upon extra support. Pricing is simple: three wages, depending on the amount of hours required (during 12 months).

Of course, only the hours that are actually 'used' will be invoiced.

Tier S: 12-60

€ 137

Tier M: 60-120

€ 117


Tier L: 120+

€ 107

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